25 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying New York Slang Words

New York Slang Words the meaning of that ass is like it could be like an in green word or like are you serious for example oh they just fought are you dead eyes are you dead asking for it.
So like new york slang are you sure they fought have you seriously thought it’s like the kind of like that so the second word up for this video is Shama Shama Shama. So wit Chim ma mo the meaning of that word is basically cha like a chill guy like why are you like hi-chew mo so if someone’s like yelling.

This Story Behind New York Slang Words Will Haunt You Forever!

 New York Slang Words


1:Skills That You Can Learn From I Don\\\’t Care You Don\\\’t:

You’d be like chill mo it’s like just chill the third word up is all care I don’t care you don’t say I don’t care you say I don’t care I owe and I don’t care you basically know the meaning I don’t care if someone’s getting you tight for like. If someone just likes talking too much you’d be like I don’t care what you saying if like someone is talking about you and they put in like dirt on your name like I don’t care because I never did that like so forth.

2:Why Is Ba Ba Skis And Cheese Considered Underrated?

Where it up is ba skis and cheese all of those words mean the same I’m just gonna the meaning of Baba’s skis and trees are that you a hoe you bomb on like she baba sheesh she has skis and yeah if you’re going around messing with every boy in their bed.

3:Baba Your Trees Your Skis Has The Answer To Everything:

Baba Your Trees Your Skis

On them, if you’re with multiple guys then your Baba your trees your skis your skis.I’m starting to tell that to tell you that but you’re a ho you’re a Baba if a guy is going around having intercourse for multiple fans. They’ll be like you know the girl like, oh he got it like that but no he’s about also but people.

4:Run-up Is I Gotta Tips You Need To Learn Now.

Just don’t see that the next run-up is I gotta put you on the meaning of I gotta put you on is I got a spill the teeth if you’re involved in the spam community and the Twitter community. You know what I have to spill the tea or like the tea has been spilled and it’s basically the same thing is I gotta put you on for example: if I just found out information I gotta put my friends on about that information because I gotta put them on what I gotta put you on when someone says.

5:How To Own Gotta Push New York Slang 2020 For Free:

That to you in new york slang words 2020 it’s gonna be dumb juicy like you just have to prepare you to have to pull especially on FaceTime if someone says I gotta push, you on you have to untangle your headphones real quick because they gotta put you on and it’s gonna be dumb juicy the next word up is deep the word deep is not the same as an English meaning but it kinda is but for new york slang words if you’re deep somewhere you’re like really far deep in it like I could be like.

6:Skills That You Can Learn From I\’m Deep In Queens:

Brooklyn New York Slang

 I’m at a party I could be like I’m deep in Queens oh I’m deep in Brooklyn that means like I’m really far in Brooklyn. That I like kinda have never been to the next word up is shoot the dirty this is an older term but like people still use it around Brooklyn and Queens.

7:Shooting New York City Has The Answer To Everything:

I’m just gonna say, it so for shoot the 30 it basically means if you wanna fight like let’s shoot the 30 after school let’s fight after school. That was we you were killed your kill I wanna kill that word a kill basically correlates to the word skis Imbaba and sheesh and hoe a kill is when a boy wants to kill a boy.

8:Useful Tips From Experts In New York Slang Quiz For Word Kill:

I just wanna kill on you so for example in new york slang quiz, if you’re talking to someone and you actually think it’s gonna be going somewhere and then you hear rumors around. That he just wants to kill that hurts because you just want to have with you he only wanted you for your body. So you were a kill and for boys, it’s like hyped up before girls it’s just sad bro, but yeah that’s what a kill means the next word up is Dave room if you’d say room you’re childish you do childish stuff and you gotta stop here’s a scenario.

9:Learn The Truth About Good Looking Or Good Looks:

good looking or good looks

If you’re 16 or 17 and you’re still all musically like Westside upside like that’s day room yeah Dave room why are you doing that killer bang bang like no that’s a room stop cut it out it’s canceled so the next write up is a positive word and it looks if you cut looks in half is basically good looking or good looks so for example when I say happy birthday. Someone some people would say looks after it’s basically kind of like good looking or a thank you so instead of saying thank you you would just say looks like thanks for looking out yeah.

10:Common Misconceptions About Hello Like Ear Hello:

The next word up is my favorite word that I say all the time and that is ear and basically that’s that means hello like ear hello you’re like nested meaning you’re your ear the next word up is for the team okay so, for example, let’s say there’s a group of boys and it’s like five boys in a group and a girl she talked to all of those guys in the group she was for the team they probably plotted to like.

11:Jacking Static Or To Jack Static Has The Answer To Everything:

You know kill on her so she was for the team and yeah so the next word up is jacking static or to Jack static and the meaning of that phrase is like you want a problem when you’re jacking static you’re jacking a problem, for example, I’m just chilling and then someone comes to me like basically barking at me they’re jacking static because now they want a problem and yeah that’s basically what Jackie said mean.

12:Things To Know About New York Don\’t Jack Static:

York Don\'t Jack Static:

If you’re planning on going to New York don’t Jack static because that will probably end badly for you so the next word up is I bet and they both mean okay so they’re just agreeing on words so let’s say there’s a party my friends will be like you want to go to the party.

13:Seven Doubts You Should Clarify About Moms Were To Mommy And I Swear:

I bet let’s go so the next words up to are worth to wear to moms were to mommy we’re to my dad and we’re to then all those mean I’m so serious like I swear they’re basically like swearing words so for example if someone’s not believing. You will most likely say, you’re I swear on everything but instead of saying I swear to everything in new york slang phrases you say we’re two moms or were to my dead where’s my mom like I swear on my mom you were to say we’re to my mom we’re with today the next write up is not even gonna hold you so it’s not worded it freezes a simpler term is I’m not even gonna lie to you you will cue to your best friend you will be like not even gonna hold you bro your fit is bad or at night I’m gonna hold you bro your hair kind of looks walk or you could just be like night.

14:Simple Guidance For You In You You\’re Fit Is Fire Yo Fit Is Good:

I’m gonna hold you you’re fit is fire yo fit is good like groan I’m gonna hold you you look good the next word up is dumb and stupid for example for dumb and stupid I could be like your stupid dick or your dumb pretty or your dumb smart or like your dumb short. I’m just exaggerating that you’re like really short we’re like you’re so pretty you’re like super pretty or you’re a math thick the next phrases up are this that and the third ah and rah-rah so basically what all those phrases mean is like etc. So on and so forth for an example, if someone’s putting you on they will probably say this oh she was a kill this that and the third she didn’t matter and while her mom did we know she was talking about him and he was doing the same all this that in the turn basically.

15:Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Brick-like It\’s Brick Dick:

That the next word up is brick-like it’s brick dick out here like it’s dumb cold bro at a fighter like two days ago at my school and it was brick dick outside I was 38 degrees I sounds like they must be blue a month so basically the meaning of brick is that it’s very cold outside everywhere on Instagram it was like New Yorkers know what time it is and then the first image was a brick or like it was a weather forecast and it was just like bricks everywhere cuz it was brick it was about to be brick outside.

 16:Moments To Remember From Yo You While I\’m You, Walling:

The next phase up is yo you while I’m you walling so basically what it means is that you’re crazy like you’re acting crazy bro you’re acting crazy and with the word walling, you do not pronounce the D don’t say yo you all didn’t know do not do that if you do that you’re walling like you’re really walling right now.

17:Reliable Sources To Learn About That\’s A Bug In You Buggin:

This next word correlates, what walling out and that’s a bug in you buggin out bro so for example when you’re buggin you all I know and when you want out you out of controlling you acting crazy so you’re buggin bro if you’re from old new york slang you know this video my momma my you’re buggin like you really let me kill like so you think you could you might keep your voice down Joe okay good even let me kick ya like next right up is pressed and you guys kind of should know.

18: To Learn Two And Two Together Effectively:

 Two and two together to know what press means and it’s basically when you’re mad like are you pressed for example I could be used walk in and I see my friend she’s mad I’ll be like are you press but yeah we’d be like are you press like are you man so the next phrase is up or no cap or your captain for no cap it’s like it’s kind.

19:Latest Developments In Bullshit:

Oh, facts so for example if you see a post that she relates to you’ll be like no cap like that’s facts for you Cap’n it basically means when someone is saying bullshit about you you be like their captain is false so their cap it out their mouth bro the next word up is vitally it means to roast, I know everyone knows what Rosa means you’re about a roast someone so what a new york slang words 2019 is having like a roast battle with someone.

20:Common Myths About The Neck Straight Up Is Grilling:

They’ll probably start out with about a yeah the neck straight up is grilling so with the word grilling it basically means with someone staring at you they’re grilling you you’re walking at the mall like you’re walking to another store at the mall and then you just feel someone’s looking at you like they’re grilling.

21:Quick Tips Regarding Self-explanatory:

You that next word up is pause and that’s like self-explanatory you just pause someone’s talking and putting you on and you lost track to what they say you’ll be like pause or when someone is putting you on and they say something that’s really juicy and really shocking you would be like Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw Barrow so basically that is what paws mean.

22:Difficult Things About Watching Face For Probably  Probably:

So the Next word up is watching face so when someone’s watching face they’re not minding their own business yeah let’s say you post on snap and someone’s the first one to watch it now but you probably have a problem with them they’re watching my face like they’re not minding their business so that’s what it means to watch face you’re not minding your business you’re nosey and I’m on your business everyone hates the person who watches his face so if you come to new york city slang do not watch.

23:Everything You Need To Know About New Yorker Be Saying:

These the next phrase of that every New Yorker be saying before they start off a story before they about to put you on they’d be like I saw boom and that’s just a story starter I’m gonna put my besties on I’m gonna be like I saw boom this happened then that happened than she was there he was there and yeah so we have now approached the last word of this New York Slang Words playing video and the word is copy it’s kind.
24:Green Word For Copy  Copy Has The Answer To Everything.:

I bet in a green word let’s say you had homework but you didn’t do it so you probably asked someone oh did you do the homework assignment.

25:Quick Tips For Copy Copy New York Slang:

Did please pass it and someone will respond with copy saying okay and they’ll send you a copy can also be used in a negative way, for example, Someone’s disrespecting you you could be copy, let’s shoot the after-school copy yeah so that’s the end of my new york slang words, you ‘all got a little taste of how New Yorkers act and what New Yorkers say so I hope guys enjoy it new york slang words is dumb Lynne like it’s just like problematic but I hope you guys enjoyed this article.
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